Yogakläder från Warrior Yoga

Om Warrior Yoga´s kläder

Warrior Yoga har i samarbete med Girlfriend Collective lanserat en kollektion av yogakläder för att finansiera deras arbete att göra yoga mer inkluderande och tillgängligt för alla. 

Girlfriend Collective är ett märke som levererar träningskläder av högsta kvalitet. Kläderna är  etiskt producerade och bär tankar om vår miljö. 

Warrior Yoga´s toppar och leggings är gjorda av återvunna vattenflaskor för att främja vårt eget välmående, planetens välmående och samtidigt stötta Warrior Yogas arbete mot ett mer inkluderande yoga community. 

About Warrior Yoga 

Warrior Yoga is an international not for profit organization operating in Canada, Sweden and the UK. Through our network of volunteer yoga teachers, we provide free yoga to a range of communities seeking healing.  Our Mission

Warrior Yoga is community funded.
We have created exciting opportunities for consumers in the mainstream yoga industry to participate in sharing privilege and making yoga more accessible for all. By attending donation-based classes, workshops and retreats, our customers engage in the wellness practices that they already know and love, while contributing to that experience for someone else who does not have the same opportunities. But we are not stopping with the consumer - we have created the opportunity for yoga studios, yoga brands and festivals to contribute to creating change in the yoga community. 

Warrior Yoga is driven by the fundamental intention of inclusion. 
When we became yoga teachers, it pained us that we had only had the opportunity to practice (and teach) yoga because we come from privileged backgrounds. We started Warrior Yoga in our first year of teaching yoga to fight the exclusion we were noticing. We know that the mainstream yoga community in the West is geared towards white, upper-middle class females. Knowing the potential that the yoga practice has for healing, it is an injustice to restrict access to such a small segment of the population. We have learned that the 2 main barriers to practice for people outside that stereotype are financial barriers and lack of representation. We aim to represent people of a variety of genders, colours, sexualities and abilities through empowering graphics to create a space in which all people feel that they belong and feel free to explore our offerings. "

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